Thursday, October 25, 2012

Monkey is 20 Months today!

This morning I kept Hudson in his jammies when taking Madison to school because I was going to have him the stroller for a walk later in the morning and I thought it would keep him warm. He was so funny! You could tell that he just loved being in his jammies all morning! Madison requested to wear her new dress AND her new boots today. The pictures below were taken just before heading off to drop Madison off at school.

Today after dropping Madison off at school, I went for a walk with another good friend. We went all over Tierrasanta. When all was said and done, I walked just shy of 8 miles round trip. We did some fast walking, we did some hiking and most importantly, we had great conversation!

After our walk, I had about 15 minutes until I had to leave to go pick up Madison from school (today is her short day), so Hudson and I grabbed some snacks and then loaded up in the car.

We were all pretty tired when we got home, so after lunch we all took naps and we we woke up, we went to the park and had a really good time. The weather was perfect and the company was lovely!

Once we came home and finished dinner, we got all cleaned up and ready for bed and then had some major story time. The kids have really taken to reading a lot more stories than normal after dinner, which I don't mind in the slightest. I was able to take video of Madison reading one of Hudson's stories and then I tried to just grab a quick video of Hudson being his silly self on his 20 month birthday. Hope you enjoy!

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Kristyle M. said...

Happy 20 months!! :)