Wednesday, February 13, 2013

100 Days of School

Today was Madison's 100th Day of Kindergarten! I can't believe it! Are we really at the point now where she's closer to being a first grader than we are to the day she started school!?! Craziness!

Another fun little tidbit of info that happened this morning, was we discovered Madison has a loose tooth. She is soooo excited! She can't stop talking about it and showing it to me! :)
***During Madison's quiet time today, she discovered that the tooth next to her original loose tooth, is also loose. So now she has two loose teeth.***

When we arrived at school, Madison, and her classmates, were super excited about the 100th Day of School and all that it entailed. They gladly posed for a picture for me :)

After dropping Madison off at school, Hudson and I headed to the Honda Service Center. It was time to get the oil changed and I also needed them to fix my key adjust the sensors on our car alarm. We spend the whole morning there, but our car is ready to drive to go pick up Alex when the time is right :) Very excited about that! :)

When we arrived to pick up Madison, my lovely friend Kristyle had a sweet surprise for me, "just because." She made my afternoon. Inside the beautiful HEART bag was a beautiful journal (with a wonderful little note on the inside cover), some fun body sprays/lotions/shower gels, and a darling card (also with a very touching note on the inside). 

Today is Wednesday, which means I had Life Group tonight. Tonight's life group was smaller than normal, but we had a some great conversation about Fellowship. We also started our guy/girl accountability groups tonight...super excited about that! I made from Valentine's Day themed goodies for tonight and as I was working on them, a beautiful bouquet of red roses was delivered to my door from my amazing husband. Contained within was the sweetest note ever! Miss him so much! Love you babe! Thank you for the gorgeous flowers!

Hope you all had a wonderful day! Happy Early Valentine's Day!

***Please continue praying for Tori. Thank you!!***

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