Saturday, February 09, 2013

Even From Miles Away....

Well, today wasn't exactly what I was hoping for, but it's ending much better than it started! :)

This morning after a little issue with Madison, we went to Target to buy all of the toiletries that Alex will need when he returns home! :) So fun! When we got back to the car, I was saddened to see that I'd missed a call from Alex. We haven't been able to talk much (other than through email) since the II MEF  has arrived. All of the Wi Fi is being used up and not allowing Face Time to work. So, I was extra bummed when I saw I'd missed a call, especially after my morning!

The kids and I took pictures and sent them via the FaceBook Message App so that Alex would have some recent pictures. Don't mind Madison...she had a mouth full of strawberries (she was in the middle of lunch when I quickly decided to take these pics)...didn't realize that until after we'd already snapped it and I saw her cheeks.

After quiet time, we went to the park and the kids ran some of their energy off. We then came home and had the pot roast I'd been cooking all day, along with carrots, potatoes, mushrooms, and onions. It was the perfect day for a dinner that basically did all the work itself! Then it was baths/showers and bedtime!

I had a huge blessing land in my lap today. I am sure you all remember our dear friends Ben and Diana and their darling boys. Well, Ben called me tonight and was such a help with getting all of the information I need to get the battery fixed/replace/installed in Alex's car. I mean seriously, they live across the country from us right now (I know sad times) and he made phone calls and everything. He found the best place to get the battery and then he went out of his way to find a Toyota Certified Mechanic to install it. Both of these places are just down the street from me. Ben called and talked to the Mechanic a few different times to make sure he was legit and to ask some different questions that I had about getting the new battery. See, what did I tell you!?! What a blessing! I feel like this is actually doable now! :) So thankful for wonderful friends!!!! Hope to be near this wonderful family once again at some point down the road. It would be so neat to see our kids reunited, and of course we'd love to be near our friends!!!! It's not every day that God blesses you with this kind of friendship. Diana is a constant source of love and encouragement to me and Ben has been faithful in regularly emailing and keeping in touch with Alex this entire deployment!

***Please continue to pray for Tori. Thank you!***

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