Saturday, February 16, 2013

2nd Place Overall (for her age division)

Well, today was the big day: Madison's Gymnastic Competition.

Before we were able to get ready for the competition, I had to go back to Toyota to pick up the Prius. My dad went with me this morning and I returned the rental car and picked up the Prius....everything looks wonderful on it! We then took the old battery back to Auto Zone and received the credit back on the credit card.

Once we were back at the house, we ate breakfast and all took showers to get ready for the competition. Madison was jumping off the wall with excitement this morning. Here are some pictures of my sweet girl right after getting her new leotard on.

Around 11:00, Alexis came over to watch Hudson so that we could head over to the YMCA. I wanted to get there early because for the holiday program I was there an hour early (what I thought was early enough) and I ended up standing the entire show. Well, this time there weren't nearly as many people and we ended up standing around for a bit, but Madison had fun watching the other classes that were going on. Here is a picture Madison and I took while we were waiting.

At 12:30, the kids all were able to start warming up with their coaches. Here is one of my favorite videos I took during the warm up. It is a video of Madison being asked to go across the floor doing cartwheels.

Madison was having so much fun during warm-ups. They practiced their routines and then at about 1:05 they started their competition. It was super cute to watch. All of the competitive team girls were the judges for this meet. Madison started on the Bars with her team. Here is her doing her little routine.

After her bar routine, they went to the back area to practice some more for their next event, which was Beam. Madison did such a great job. Here is a little photo collage that I created from the warm-ups and of Madison while she was waiting to take her turn on the beam, along with the video from her beam routine.

Here is Madison sitting and watching her teammates on the Beam:

When Madison and her team finished the Beam, they headed over to their final event, which was the floor! Madison was first on floor and was super cute! :)

After Madison finished her final event, her whole team was called to the floor, along with all of the other gymnasts to wait for the announcement of the awards!

I was so proud of Madison and how well she did today. I was also so very happy with how much fun Madison had! She didn't appear nervous at all and she was glowing the entire competition. She placed 2nd on Bars, 2nd on Floor and 3rd on Beam for her age division and she placed 2nd overall, so she received the most adorable medal! She was ecstatic.

This is Madison after she just received her 2nd Place Medal for All Around, Saluting the Audience!!!!

Me and my little gymnast!

Madison and her coaches, Miss Marissa and Miss Lily.

Madison showing off her ribbons and her medal.

After the meet, we went home and grabbed Hudson and headed to an early dinner at PF Chang's to celebrate our little gymnast. The kids LOVE PF Chang's and we had so much fun together. Hudson was a bottomless pit while we were there. He had lettuce wraps (a huge portion), he had a spring roll, he had steamed rice, and he had their kids portion of crispy chicken (he ate the whole thing), plus two full glasses of water.

Here is our cute little girl snuggling with grandpa, while waiting for everyone to finish their meal! Such a cute photo:

After dinner, we swung by the See's Store and picked up a little box of Scotchmallows (Madison's request). We then came home and played with the kiddos for a little over an hour and then it was bed time. Man, were the kiddos tired. They fell right to sleep. I love when you can tell the kids had a good day by how quickly they fall asleep :)

Hope you all had a beautiful Saturday! 

***Please keep praying for Tori. Thank you!!!***

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