Saturday, February 02, 2013


This morning it was the perfect weather for a run at the beach. It was overcast, but in the low 60's. See, like I said, perfect! The kids and I drove to Mission Beach and I ran just over 4 miles with them. It was so refreshing and relaxing being at the beach. Hudson was quite the entertainment during the run as well! This kids seriously loves dogs and every time we saw one on the boardwalk (which was every minute or so) he would get overly excited and start shouting "dog, dog dog." I was not the only one who was amused. There were several people, throughout the course of our run, who commented on how cute his expression was every time he saw a new dog. :)

Once we got back home, I put Hudson down for a nap (he'd been up since about 5:00am playing in his crib...that little turkey). I then completed Day 4 of my 30 day shred....slowly, but surely, I'm getting there! :)

After the kids' quiet time, we went to the mall. I found the dress that I think I'll be wearing for the homecoming!!!! Yay!!! I bought it and now I need to start looking for shoes! I had so much fun shopping for my dress. I had found it on-line and then went to Banana Republic to see it in person and try it on. I love how it fits and the colors go perfectly with my theme. I am now just trying to decide if I am okay with the print on the dress going with the kids' outfits (specifically with Madison's dress) or if I should look for a more solid colored dress for either myself or Madison. Anyway, I am happy about the dress, now I just need to find a couple things to complete the outfit.

The kids are in bed now and I am trying to figure out what I'm going to do tonight. I am hoping to find a good movie on the instant play on Netflix because I probably won't have my next disc until Tuesday. Think I might make some popcorn using my coconut oil too!

***Please continue the prayers for Tori. It really means the world! Thank you!***

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