Monday, February 18, 2013

It Was Mardi Gras At Our House Today!!!

This morning, my parents left to head back home. The kids and I had a lazy morning. They played and I did the bills and picked up a bit and started some laundry. Then, all played together for a little bit before Hudson went down for his nap.

We all had a lovely afternoon. After lunch, we played and enjoyed each other's company. Then, it was quiet time. During the kids' quiet time, I had the major cleaning bug! The closest thing I can compare it to, is the "nesting" phase during the third trimester of pregnancy. I was on a major cleaning and organizing kick. I am not done, but I got a big head start on my list for next week! :)

After the kids were done with quiet time, we went to the park for a little while. When we arrived home, we had two packages waiting for us. The first one, was one I'd been waiting for, for almost a week. It is the Drawing Circles, 40 day Prayer Challenge. I am going to catch up to day 6 tonight after I am done blogging, but I had wanted to do this along with several other at our church who are doing this. It is 40 days, so it's perfect to do in preparation for Easter!

Then, there was the second package! It was HUGE and it was HEAVY!!!! Madison went and took her shower and I told her we could open it after she was out. So, we opened it and the kids went crazy. My Aunt Robin, that lives in Louisiana, went to SEVERAL of the parades and collected things for the kids to send them! She definitely spoiled them. There must have been at least 10 pounds worth of necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Then in addition to all of those goodies, there were cups, toys, footballs, and frisbees. The kids spend the better part of an hour just going through everything and playing. They were rather disappointed when I told then they had to clean up and get ready for bed!

How did you all spend your President's Day? Hope you had a wonderful day and spend some time outdoors (especially if you live in SD, because the rain is suppose to be coming tomorrow). 

***Please continue praying for Tori! She is getting a little better and a little stronger each day. Thank you for your prayers!!!***

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