Monday, February 04, 2013

Alex Still Makes My Heart Skip A Beat...

Today was a very FUN day and it's not even over yet!

This morning after dropping Madison off at school, Hudson and I headed over to the Y. I was able to get a really good run in this morning! Then, Hudson helped me carry all of our packages (see yesterday's post for picture) to the post office to mail. I know it's silly, but I always look forward to going to the post office here. They are so nice and friendly. I am going to miss being a regular there. Alex's stop mail date is February 14th, so these were probably his last care packages for the deployment!!! We're getting there! I still have plenty of cards and other fun stuff to mail, but as far as packages, I think this was it! Wow! Craziness!

After we were done at the Post Office, we came home and I did my 30 Day Shred. It wasn't quite time for Hudson's nap, so he was up while I was doing it and it was too cute! He was trying to do some of the exercises alongside me. For some of them, I was laughing so hard, it was hard to keep up with the video. Then, Hudson tried to challenge me. While I was doing my push-ups, he climbed on my back. When I would get down on the ground for the abs section of the video he'd come sit on my stomach. I can say that I definitely got a good workout in with my little monkey's help.

It was a beautiful day today, so Hudson and I walked to go pick up Madison from school. I have really come to love these walks. Madison and I tend to have some great conversation! She told me that she's working on her "walking stamina." In her classroom, they are always working on their writing, reading and listening stamina, so Madison is quite familiar with this word and it's meaning. It was super cute to hear her apply it correctly, while walking home.

This afternoon/evening, we went to the park. It was great...when it was time to leave (about 5:15) it was still light out! LOVE IT!!! We're getting closer to Daylight Savings (March 10th, in case you were wondering).

After the kids went to bed, I quickly ran out to get the mail. Boy, was I glad that I did. It was an awesome mail day!!!! I received the sweetest card from my big sis, Jaclyn. It was my first Valentine's Day Card of the season! :)

I also had a letter from my love and a wonderful  early Valentine's Day gift. I haven't read the letter yet (saving it for after I am done with all of my "to do" list for the night), but I did open it so that I could take a picture. I also counted the pages....18 pages, his longest yet! I can't wait to read it! Then the sweet surprise that was in the mail, was the most Romantic Gift EVER!!!!! Alex had a wooden box (lined with velvet) personalized for me. It's to keep all of his letters in! Alex truly is my knight in shining armor and my gift from God! I love that he knows my heart so well! Thank you babe for my thoughtful gift! It's perfect!

Well, I am off to go read my letter and to watch the bachelor! :) Hope you had a blessed day!

***Please pray for Tori. Her surgery is tomorrow! Thank you!!!***

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