Wednesday, February 20, 2013

On The Edge Of My Seat

Today was such a FUN day!!!!

This morning a stranger hail storm came through San Diego. It hailed when I first woke up. Then, it hailed as I was taking Madison to her classroom. Finally, it hailed as I was leaving the school and heading to Orange County for the morning.

My wonderful friend April, came over and watched Hudson for me all morning/early afternoon, so that I could go to Orange County (as soon as I dropped Madison off at school) to get my hair done by my sweet friend Brienna. She's been doing my hair for, gosh, at least 10 years. I have only had one hair cut in the last 10 years that was not by her. :) Anyway, I was bold and daring today (for me anyway) and I chose to do some color today. If you have seen my wedding pictures of knew me during that time, I had her do my hair similar to that. I kept the length of my hair, but Brienna added long layers and fixed the choppiness that the other lady who did my hair added (that I wasn't crazy about). She also added a lot of fun front layers (I am sure there is a fancier name for them). Anyway, I am not posting a picture, because I don't want Alex to see it until homecoming!

Today was so much fun because I was able to spend some good time with Brienna catching up, but also because today marked a huge milestone for me. I remember when this hair appointment seemed sooooo far away and it finally arrived! One more item off of the "to do" list!

Then, tonight was Life Group! I made short bread cookies for our snack! We had a great group discussion tonight and almost everyone was there....almost.

I am sitting here on the edge of my seat as I await more details of my wonderful hubby's homecoming! It's so close, yet not quite close enough! Trying to remember to enjoy every minute of the anticipation and count down!

Hope you all had a fantastic day!!!

***Please continue praying for Tori!!! Thank you!!!***

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