Monday, February 11, 2013

God is My Supply

Today was the perfect illustration of how God is my supply. 

"You can be sure that God will take care of everything you need, his generosity exceeding even yours in the glory that pours from Jesus." Philippians 4:19 (The Message)

For me, today actually begins last night (stay with me). Last night I put Hudson to bed, as normal, but shortly after I finished my blog post last night, he started whimpering and crying in his bed. I let him go for a few minutes because I couldn't tell if he was just whining or if something was wrong. Well, it kept going and so I walked in his room and I could clearly understand the problem the second I was in his room. Not to be too graphic, but I could smell the problem. The poor little guy was quivering and whimpering as I picked him up. He had had a massive blow out and was still clearly having tummy pains. I felt awful. I cleaned him all up and then when I picked him up off of the changing pad, he just buried his head in my shoulder and rested. I held him for about twenty minutes, until I could tell his tummy wasn't bothering him as much and then I laid him back down in his crib. The sweet little boy looked at me and said, "Thank you." Love him. 

Anyway, I then came out and started watching some of the Grammy's, but could tell Hudson was still awake. I went and grabbed my monitor so that I could see what he was doing. Now he had started coughing too...sort of a little dry cough. This tends to happen when we have indecisive weather. Anyway, I thought, well, let me go get the humidifier and see if that helps. I filled it and plugged it in. It definitely helped with his cough, but because of all of the going in and out of his room, Hudson was wide awake. :/ I was so ready for bed, but I wanted to make sure he'd fallen asleep before I went to bed since his tummy had been upset. I was worried that I'd go to bed and then he'd have another blow out and be stuck in it all night. Anyway, he finally fell back asleep around 10:45pm. I, then, proceeded to close up the house and get ready for bed myself. By the time I was in bed and ready to go to sleep it was about 11:30. I finally fell asleep and then I heard Madison get up to go to the bathroom at about 12:30. Then, I had just fallen back to sleep when my alarm went off (which is fine because it's my prayer reminder for Tori...she needs 24 hour prayer right?!?) :) Then, I had just gone back to sleep when I woke up to Madison getting up to go to the bathroom again and then asking for a cup of water. Once again, I had just gone back to bed, when my phone went off...I had forgotten to silence it and I had received a text from a friend on the East Coast. Finally, I was ready to go back to bed. I fell asleep and then sure enough 5:30 came too soon and my alarm was going off telling me the morning was here and it was time to start a new day. So, that being a result of everything from last night, this morning I was super tired. 

I turned my alarm off and crawled out of bed. I began my quiet time. I did my daily reading for reading through the bible in 365 days. I then proceeded to write in my prayer journal. I had such a wonderful time with the Lord this morning! I felt so refreshed and my spirit was renewed afterwards. I love how God meets us exactly where we're at. He knew I needed strength and energy today and He supplied it big time. Thus, my reference to Philippians 4:19 at the beginning of this post! Pretty cool how God meets us where we are, when we let Him. 

After dropping Madison off at school, Hudson and I went to the Y and I had a really good workout. It felt really good this morning! I love mornings like that! :) Afterwards, we came straight home so that I could get Hudson down early for his nap, since he ended up going to bed so late last night. Then, I completed my 30 Day Shred Workout  for the day and finished up the morning messaging back and forth with Alex (Face Time was not working yet again). We had a great conversation. :)

Tonight, the kids and I had fun reading stories, dancing to music, and playing with their toys. Now that the kiddos are in bed, I am going to go get cozy in my jammies and settle in (maybe with some homemade popcorn) to watch The Bachelor.'s Valentine's Day week!!!!! It's also Kindness week (according to Ellen), so do something full of love and kindness this week! Pay for the person behind you in the drive-thru. Leave a nice note on your neighbor's car. Mail some snail mail to a friend that doesn't live close by. Send a cute/thoughtful text message to someone you haven't talked to in awhile. Buy someone flowers. Call your grandma. Just do something! Don't forget to thank God for his ultimate gift of LOVE to us: The Gift of His Son Dying on the Cross to Save Us From Our Sins and Give Us Eternal Life. :) 

***Please continue to pray for Tori. Her Carring Bridge Page has a really good update today about her progress. Here is the link if you'd like to read it. Thank you for your prayers!***

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