Friday, February 15, 2013

A Day of Productivity and Excitement!

Today was a very productive day!

This morning was set aside to take care of Alex's car (remember our good friend Ben, who helped me with all of that...such a blessing)! It started out with a trip to the Auto Zone to get a new battery for the Prius. I then went to a mechanic just down the street to have it installed and was greatly disappointed with their professionalism and just their interactions with me in general, so I went across the street to the Toyota Dealership. Alex is going to be so excited, because when waiting in line to drop my car off, the service manager came over and I had it all set up to just have the battery installed, but all that changed when I went inside to start the paperwork. We had four recalls on our car (which we knew about, but just hadn't done anything about yet) and so we qualified for a rental car for the day. In the mean time, there were a couple other things (the center consul and the back hatch) that needed to be fixed/replaced. The service manager checked on those parts for me and they were able to fix everything. I get to pick the car up in the morning! So, when Alex comes home, he'll have a "brand new" car! Yay!!!!

After getting home, I cleaned the house because my parents would be here around dinner. I then took a little nap while the kids had quiet felt glorious! :) We then got ready and went to gymnastics. Madison had an extra day of gymnastics today in order to prepare for her competition tomorrow. She had so much fun and is SOOOO EXCITED.

Tonight we did our movie and pizza night. We watched Enchanted! The kids had a blast. Once we were in and settled I checked our mail. We had a sweet package from The Hill Family for our kiddos. Madison and Hudson helped me open the envelope and they were smiling from ear to ear when they saw the fun goodie bags they'd sent.

I also had some fun mail. I had another letter from Alex. This letter was about our wedding day! I seriously LOVE receiving my letters from Alex. I love his retelling of the fun events that have happened for in our lives. He always has been and is and forever will be my dream come true!

My parents finally arrived around 7:00 tonight, just in time to say good-night to the kiddos before they went to bed! After they were in bed, we had a conversation while they ate dinner and then we watched this week's episode of Person of Interest...great episode! Anyway, now I am off to bed! 

Hope you all had a great day and that your weekend is wonderful!

***Please continue to pray for Tori. Thank you!!!***

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