Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Day of Fun and a New Recipe

This morning we went through our normal Tuesday routine. Hudson and I dropped Madison off at school, then we went to the Y and finished up the morning at Trader Joe's. I felt good about my workout at the Y and I always have fun shopping with my little buddy at Trade Joe's. We bought a few new items today, which is always fun!

Once we picked up Madison up from school, we headed home real quick for her to change and then we jetted off to gymnastics. Today was suppose to be her last practice before her competition this weekend, but because the gymnastics director is amazing, she is allowing us to come back on Friday, so that Madison can feel more confident in her routines for Saturday. She's been learning them for the last month (1 day week), but they hadn't been taught as "this is going to be your routine." It was more of the coach teaching all of the kids skills and having them practice, but it was never really all put together in a "routine" per say. Madison's level class is given several different times and days during the week, and it just so happens that Madison is the only one from her day and time doing the competition, so it wasn't quite practiced the same way, which is why I think they're letting her come back on Friday to gain some more confidence. Madison is just so excited that she gets to do gymnastics three times this week (including her competition).

After gymnastics, we came home and the kids played while I was preparing dinner. I made a new recipe tonight: Chicken Pot Pie Soup. I adapted a recipe to make it my own. Here is the link to the recipe from tonight. Try it...you'll love it! :)

After dinner, I tried to capture pictures of the kiddos playing together because they were being so cute, but Hudson was definitely on the move and I had trouble capturing it. So...here is what I was able to get:

Hope you all had a beautiful Tuesday! 

***Please continue to pray for Tori!!! Thank you for your faithfulness in your prayers!!! They are much appreciated!!!***

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