Wednesday, February 06, 2013

This Week Is Moving Quickly!

Today I was moving from the moment I got up.

I was very excited when I grabbed my yogurt out the fridge and looked at the expiration date. It was a date that is AFTER Alex is suppose to be home!!! Woo hoo!!!! So happy!!!!

I took Madison to school. Then, we went to the Y. Once we came home, I did Day 8 of 30 Day Shred. Then I cleaned the house for Life Group tonight. Next, I ate lunch and prepped Hudson's lunch for when he would be up. Hudson had a whole nectarine (not sliced) for lunch today. It was so cute to watch him devour it! He loved eating it whole. You could tell it made him feel like a big boy! :)

After lunch, we went and picked Madison up from school and came home. Once the kids were in quiet time,  I vacuumed and mopped. Then I prepped my scone dough. I, then, finished prepping for small group tonight.

After prepping and serving dinner, the kids got in their jammies and watched a little veggie tales video before bed while I finished setting everything up for group. The kids, then went to bed and I cut the scone dough and began baking it! I love the smell of scones baking! :)

While the scones were cooking, our UPS truck stopped by with a surprise from my parents. They sent the kids and I a wonderful Valentine heart tower!

Tonight in our small group the topic we studied was the Holy Spirit. We had another great discussion and great fellowship! We had a few people missing tonight. Praying that they are all doing well and that nobody is sick. Hoping that we're all together next week!

Hope you had a great day!!!

***Please continue praying for Tori. Please pray that her shunt will help reduce the swelling and allow her to be more responsive. Also, please pray for her pain to decrease. Thank you so much!!!***

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