Friday, August 11, 2017

He Did It!!!!

Today, a miracle happened.

Hudson has been terrified of the dentist forever. He always has so much anxiety about going and last August we went to a dentist in Yucca Valley and he had another HORRIBLE experience. They asked him to come back in October to try again and it was equally as bad. As a result, the instant anyone talks about going to the dentist, he'd start crying and start talking about how he didn't want to go.

Well, now that we've moved to where there are more options, we did some research and discovered that Dr. Okomoto, who is a Pediatric Dentist, was the place to go. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE had good things to say about the entire staff at this office. So, back in May, I called and made an appointment....this was the earliest we could get in. I guess a lot of other people thought it was great too!

Hudson was nervous, but watched sister go first at everything and then when it was his turn. He actually let them do everything. He actually opened his mouth and didn't lock his jaw shut. He had his X-rays taken. He let them count his teeth. He picked chocolate toothpaste and let them brush his teeth. He let them floss his teeth. He even let them put the fluoride treatment on. I was in disbelief. I was so proud of him and he's already talking about how he can't wait until March when we get to go back! Talk about a miracle and a change of heart. Both kids were told they had beautiful teeth. Madison only has 7 baby teeth left to lose and Hudson currently has FOUR loose teeth, one of which they said he will lose any day.

Hudson         Madison 

After we finished up at the dentist, we quickly ran over to Verizon Wireless to suspend Alex's line while he's deployed. They've made the process a tad more difficult than it use to be, but we were able to get it all straightened out. I'm almost done with all of the nitty gritty details that need to be taken care of now that Alex is overseas. 

Once we were done with that errand, we came home and ate lunch. So far I'm doing well with getting back into my routine. I had some avocado, hardboiled eggs and a string cheese for lunch. Lunch is always a hard meal for me because I get so bored with it, so when I can make it seem like a bunch of little appetizers, it makes it more fun for me. As we were finishing up lunch, we received a phone call from Alex, which always makes the day brighter. 

I can't believe we're already close to getting through our first weekend. For those of you who aren't military, there are some big milestones that we like to count down as we go through a deployment: first weekend under the belt, first week, each new month, when the calendar year changes and it becomes the year your hubby will be back, and then I like to start counting down by which holidays we still have left. This deployment, we are blessed to have several holidays and milestones to help us pass the time quickly: school starting, Labor Day, my birthday, FALL, Thanksgiving, CHRISTMAS (and everything that includes), New Year's, Start of Gymnastics Season (which means a lot of meets on weekends), Valentine's Day, Hudson's birthday, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, and our dating anniversary. Praying this time goes quickly. 

Tonight I had the privilege of videotaping some of Madison's Fly Aways off the high bar so that Alex can see them. Here are two of them: 

Thank you again to all of you who have and continue to reach out via text, email, Facebook, etc. It means so much to me to have all of your support and simply to know you're there and praying for us. We feel your prayers and are grateful for them!

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