Saturday, August 12, 2017

I Need Your Vote!!!!

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! You guys!!!! So, most of you know that I am part of an amazing team for work, Floral & Pine. Last month we had a special raffle going and today that winner was picked and I WON!!! I WON AN APPLE WATCH!!!!! I am so stinking excited!!!!!!! I have wanted an apple watch for a long time, but knew that it was something that I just needed to wait on because of some other expenses that have come up with the move and a few other things, so when I received the messaged saying that I won, I was in disbelief!!!! I haven't stopped smiling!!! I need your help...which one should I get between the pictures listed above? I love the Rose Gold one, but I also like that the Silver one is so versatile should I want/need another band down the road. 

Okay, let me start over...this morning Madison was just the sweetest and made us all scrambled eggs! They were really good. We've really been focusing on having high protein breakfasts and so she wanted to contribute. She cooked them and dished them by herself and then set up the picture she wanted taken. 

Before we left for gymnastics, our morning was full of games. We played a lot of Mancala and Uno and I think tomorrow we'll be playing Blokus (I personally really love this game). Madison asked me to take a picture because she beat me today by was that close of a game. I really love playing thinking/logic games with Madison because we both have similar brains and so it's genuinely a tough match and so much fun! 

We also had the chance to talk to Alex for a little bit this morning, but only over audio because the WiFi connection wasn't strong enough for us to FaceTime much. We tried a few times, but ended up just switching to audio so we could actually have a conversation. He's doing well and slowly adjusting to the time. He's getting ready to start his day, so I'm looking forward to telling him about the watch. :) 

Today at gymnastics, Madison added another element to her Fly Away. This happened to be the best video I captured, but she had to pause in the middle of it because her hair got in the way....but you'll get the idea. They worked routines on the beam today also and Madison is super excited about how here routine is coming along. In her words, it has a lot of Sass!!!!

After gymnastics, we came home and went swimming to cool off. Today was extremely humid, so it made the heat feel way worse than it was, but nonetheless, a swim was in order! :) 

Once we were done swimming we got ready for our movie night. We had mini pizza bagels, sliced avocado, and carrots and hummus for dinner. Tonight we watched Pete's Dragon. I think they did that movie very well and since it was our second time watching it was I able to appreciate it. The first time, it caught me by surprise with how emotional it was, but this time I was prepared! ;) 

After the kids went to bed, I finished my weekly cleaning because I am having some of my team over tomorrow for a business class. I am so excited to have them in my home and for the chance to share a little of what I've learned over the last year as we talk and grow as a team.

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