Thursday, December 27, 2012

After Christmas, Annual Christmas Party

Today, was another fun day in Thousand Oaks. I had a fun morning with my parents and kiddos. I don't think I mentioned it in yesterdays' post, but Madison came down with a fever shortly after we arrived, so we had to stay pretty low key. As a result, my parents graciously offered to stay home with the kids tonight, so that I could still go to the after Christmas, annual Christmas Party at Dana's (Jaclyn's mom) House.

Before leaving for the party, I snapped a few cute pictures that I had to share.

This one is of Hudson trying to play with Brinkley. We told him to give Brinkley his new Christmas toy and this is how Hudson chose to give it to him...while I get that the picture doesn't capture all of the silliness of the moment, I still thought it was pretty cute.

This one is of Hudson discovering my parent's massage chairs, while sitting with Grandpa! He loved it and stayed there for quite awhile.

This last picture is of Hudson, while he was being crazy, stopping to give me his best "cheese" face b/c he saw me pull out my phone!

After the kids were all dressed in their jammies and mostly ready for bed, I kissed them good-night and headed out to the party! It was such a special treat to get to spend two evenings in a row with my sisters. Tonight was extra special though because I was getting to meet my niece (Jaclyn's daughter) for the very first time. She was born on September 8th and the funny things is, that my birthday is the 6th and Kami's is the 7th. Anyway, I was smitten with her and had the best time holding her and loving on her! 

Here is a cute picture I snapped of Jaclyn, Ava and Dana! 

The evening was absolutely lovely, as always! I was able to catch up with several friends/neighbors from my childhood and I was able to spend a wonderful evening with Kami, Jaclyn, Tyler (Kami's little brother...aka my little brother as well), and Barry (Jaclyn's husband...aka my brother-in-law). I love all of these people so much! 

Below are some pictures from the evening, but just as an aside...the very first picture below is a traditional picture that we take every year that we are together at Christmas time. I think we have them all the way back to starting when we were in Jr. High and this party started! :) Sometime I will have to collaborate with the girls and see if we can't get all of the pictures from each year and post them!

This was the final picture of the night before we all parted! Sweet Ava was yawning and Kami always knows how to make a picture memorable! :) Love these guys!

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