Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve

Today started off wonderfully! I went the gym and was able to get a good workout in. Then, I came home and was able to talk to Alex as he celebrated NYE in Afghanistan. We even had a Face Time New Year kiss. :)

Shortly after we were off the phone and I was cleaning, getting ready for my friends to come over tonight for a NYE celebration, there was a knock on the door. There was a delivery man holding the most beautiful flowers. Alex had sent me flowers with a sweet note saying he wished he could be here tonight.

After the kids were up from their quiet time, we played around with their New Year's Eve crowns. We were able to get some fun pictures. I didn't think Hudson would wear his, but to my surprise, when he saw Madison and I wearing ours, he kept pointing to his head and saying please...that was his way of asking for his crown! So below are our silly pictures that we took for Alex so he could see us and feel like he was part of the fun!

The many faces of Hudson!

Me and my babies!

More fun with the crowns!

I didn't have anyone to take a picture of the three of us, so this was my best attempt!

Once the kids went to bed, a couple of my friends came over that live in our neighborhood and we just hung out and ate a plethora of homemade snacks and goodies! We also just had fun catching up with each other. Once we were all satisfied and full, we took it up a notch and brought out the competitiveness and played some serious rounds of Catch Phrase and a rousing game of Guesstures. I would just like to add that the ladies won the Catch Phrase match and we also won Guesstures (by 2 points). 

The Ladies: April, myself, and Brittney....the Champions of the Night :)

The Guys: Matt and Seth...our fierce competitors 


Some high lights from our game playing time:

 Seth and April


Brittney and Matt

 Alex was able to Face Time with us around 11:00 for just a little bit before he had to go to work (they were given a late start day for New Year's Day). It was so fun to have him on the phone with us all. Then he surprised me and was able to call my phone just before midnight, so that he was on the phone with me when the ball dropped! We were blessed to celebrate two NYE's together today.

This is a picture of me toasting to Alex and being thankful that it's finally the year 2013.
The year Alex and I will be reunited! :) 

 Happy New Year Everyone!!!!!

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