Thursday, December 06, 2012

First Fire of the Season

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday. I was just unable to post.

Today I went for two lovely walks. The first one was with my friend Amy and we went for a calorie burning walk while both pushing our strollers up and down crazy hills.  :) The second walk was to and from Madison's school.

Today Hudson and I mailed Alex's Christmas package! Now I am on the hunt for things to put in the New Year's package that needs to get out by the end of next week! If you find any places that are already carrying New Year's stuff, please let me know!

This evening, we had Brittney and her kiddos over. Madison, Brynn, and Delaney made cute little Reindeer cookies (thanks for the idea Heather)! They had so much fun and they turned out super cute!

Hudson and Cy had fun was cute to watch Hudson try to get on the floor with Cy! Love those boys!

This evening I also had our first fire of the season! Those of you who have known me awhile will know that as silly as it seems, I love having my little fire going. Even though it's not quite the same as having a fireplace, it still makes me feel warm and cozy just the same.

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