Monday, December 10, 2012

Who Needs Sleep

Today was a full day, but it was a blessed day!

This morning Madison was able to start the day in a new dress (I got a killer deal on it), so she was super excited about it (I had kept it a surprise). I was a little rushed this morning, so I snapped a picture of her in it on our walk home from her school.

When we arrived home, I learned that today was the last day of Madison's Military Kid's Club, at least until 2013. They gave her a cute certificate for completing the club and a darling little goodie bag that made her feel extra special!

Once we were home, I had a couple of hours to shower and do some finishing touches around the house before my friend Sarah and her daughter Jo arrived! We have been going back and forth with our schedules for the last two months trying to figure out when we could get together and finally we found something that worked!

They arrived just in time for dinner! We had Chicken with Rice Soup (a recipe from one of my besties, Emma) and Trader Joe's Crescent Rolls!

After dinner, we let the kids play for a little bit! It was so fun to see Hudson and Jo Jo playing together. They are only 11 days apart. Madison loved playing with both of them. The three of them were dancing machines! I tried to get some pictures, but they were moving so fast, it was tricky! :) They also all really wanted to read some Christmas stories. Sarah read to them and I played the paparazzi (well, I attempted to).

Once the kids were in bed, Sarah and I had a lovely evening of just fun catching up and endless hours of conversation. We literally talked for about 5 hours straight (from 7-12). We could have kept going, but both of us knew the morning would come all too quick, so we decided to head to bed. We had an interesting night with Jo Jo and Hudson sharing a room, but everybody had a great time and it was so wonderful to have them over.

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