Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Great Mail Day!

Today God retaught me a lesson that I learned along time ago, but this particular season in my life I just sort of have been in my routine. Today I was blessed with the chance to talk to a friend at Madison's school and we were able to connect on a deep level. I learned things about her that I never would have known, had I not been lingering around waiting for parents to drop off their items to me for Mr. Ray's Christmas gift. It is so important for us to not just "go through" life, but to be intentional with each day we're blessed to have. My conversation with this friend was one of the highlights of my day. I love how God brings people into our lives that brighten each day!

Madison had fun at school today. She was all bubbly on our walk home from school.

After the kids were done with their quiet time we hung out, read stories, the kids took showers/baths, and then we had dinner. I told them we had a special surprise after dinner. They were super excited. When they had finished eating I gave them mini ice cream cones from Trader Joe's (they thought this was the surprise).

Then I asked them to sit on the couch. I ran back to my bedroom to grab the surprise! (On Saturday, we'd received another package from Alex from the United Through Reading Program, but we had a crazy busy weekend and then we had friend over Monday and Tuesday, so today was the first day where I was able to show them they'd received mail). When I came back out carrying the big envelope, Madison knew it was a package from Daddy. This one was extra special. There were four books (two Christmas ones and two regular ones). Alex has done such a great job of staying connected with the kids! The DVD was about 30-35 minutes and the kids loved every single second of it. They sat on the couch and listened to daddy reading them stories. The whole time Hudson kept shouting and pointing, saying, "Daddy." It was super cute to watch.

Here is a video I took of Madison at bedtime when I suddenly realized that she already knew all of the books of the New Testament! I didn't even know she'd begun starting to memorize them! I was super impressed! She is on a mission. She wants to fill all of the blank spot on her wings with the missing jewels...If she keeps this up, she should receive two more jewels on Sunday!

I had also received another package in the mail from Alex that was addressed to me. I always wait until after the kids have gone to bed to open my mail from him, so that I am not rushed and can enjoy that time. Tonight when I opened the envelope there were two beautiful Pashminas in there. One was a little smaller and that one was for Madison and then the other one was for me. They each had a little note with them. I love that thoughtful man of mine! :)

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