Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Gymnastics Is Her New Favorite...

It was so much fun to wake up this morning and to still have friends over! :) Everyone got ready and had their breakfast. I quickly went and dropped Madison off at school and then came back and Sarah and I took the kids on a 6.2 mile walk!

It was lovely having just over 6 miles of more girlie talk time. Then, when we got home, we put both of the kids to bed because they didn't get too much sleep the night before. They were ready for naps. This also resulted in some more fun, uninterrupted girl time (once we were able to get Sarah's keys out of the trunk). :)

We ate a yummy, healthy lunch and just talked until it was time for Sarah and Jo Jo to head back to Orange County and time for us to go pick up Madison. 

Once we picked up Madison we had to rush home, change, sneak in a quick run through the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf drive through, and then rush back to gymnastics. (Tuesdays are now Madison's favorite day of the week). Madison was extra excited because I had a new leotard (royal blue) and new gymnastics shorts (black) waiting for her on her bed when she got home from school!

When we got to gymnastics Madison was eagerly looking for her coach, Miss Marissa. Once she arrived, Madison asked her if she could take a picture with her, so that she could show her dad her coach! :)

I was super impressed with Madison's ability to pick up all of this gymnastics. This was only her second time and she did GREAT! I was blown away by what she was able to do and really how well she did it! When she first went on the balance beam she lost her balance going across a couple of times, but then her coach gave her some tips and she maybe fell off one time after that and they were even walking on the balls of their feet and doing little jumps.

Madison was also super excited because the bow for her hair (for the holiday show) came in and she was given it before gymnastics started! So cute! (Once again the picture makes it look blue, but it's bright purple).

Once we were home from gymnastics, I made the kids a quick dinner (Chicken, sliced avocado, sliced cheese, clementine oranges, and a half a piece of bread). When dinner was finished the kids put on their warm jammies and we headed out to see the lights in our neighborhood and the one across the way. We had so much fun looking at the lights (there were a lot more up tonight than the last time we went and looked). Hudson was to cute. Every time he saw lights he liked, he'd say, "Mama" and point. It was just the cutest thing ever!

When we came home, I put Hudson straight to bed because I could tell he was exhausted from being a little behind on his sleep. this made for a lovely evening with Madison. We read a bunch of stories, snuggled and had some good girl talk! I love that girl so so much!

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