Tuesday, December 04, 2012

First Day of Gymnastics

Today was a great day!

My morning started off with the sweetest email from my friend Heather! She was so encouraging and so positive! God has truly blessed me through her friendship. Though, we originally met through Emma and we've never lived near each other, God has grown and blessed our friendship over the years, despite the miles between us! I love sweet notes from friends! They always make your day that much brighter! So, thank you Heather! :)

I told Madison, on the way to school this morning, that she was starting gymnastics today. She was so excited! I also told her that I was going to wait to buy her any new leotards until I knew if she liked it or not. Well, I got my answer today, after the first class. She was beaming!!!!! This is what she's been waiting for. I am so happy that she's finally in gymnastics and that she is already in love with this sport!

Madison enjoyed dance class, but I think it was more because it was something fun to do. BUT, Madison was so pumped while she was at gymnastics today and she was pretty good too, especially for it being her first day! That girl has some killer upper body strength! Today she did the floor, the trampoline, the bars (the single, not the uneven), and the foam block pit!

Madison got lucky today. I believe there are two other little girls in her class, but both of them were absent today. So, this meant she received a private, one hour lesson with her teacher, whom she loves! They did so much today! I thoroughly enjoyed watching. They keep the parents outside the room (we can watch through the glass), so it was hard to get good pictures, especially when they were at the back of the gym. Below is a picture of Madison getting ready to do what they called "mini hand stands."

Today was also the first week of Training for the Christmas Holiday Show, so Madison started in just the nick of time. We bought her Christmas Holiday Show leotard today too! It's so cute! I took a picture, but it's a little deceiving. The picture makes it look almost Navy Blue and it's definitely purple! I also bought the cute little bow that all of the girls will be wearing in their hair! I was impressed with what great prices they had (and all of the leotards were custom made).

The Christmas Holiday Show is on December 15th! I can't wait! :)

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