Sunday, December 30, 2012

It Hailed Today!

Today our church started a new sermon series titled: Storage Wars! Part 1, was is the link if you'd like to watch it:

Storage Wars: Part 1: All In

After church, I came home and quick prepared the kids their lunch! I then had a wonderful afternoon of spending time with two beautiful ladies: Sandra and Lisa, while we went and watch the most amazing movie: Les Miserables! (It hailed on our way to pick up Lisa...strange and crazy weather we had today). We went to the Arclight Theaters at UTC in La Jolla! What an amazing theater! I am learning so many fun new places to go on my fun outings with Sandra!  Back to Les Miserables, now I've seen this movie before, but this was such an amazing rendition of the story! I am so excited to watch it again with Alex when he gets home! If you haven't seen it or are on the fence as to whether or not you'd like to see it, let me help you out: GO SEE IT!!!!! I really enjoyed my time with these two wonderful ladies and I discovered today that Lisa and I share the same birthday! How fun! I have a birthday twin/buddy!  :)

While I was at the movies, Alexis was at the house watching the kiddos. She took some cute pictures and texted them to me, so I thought I'd share them! While Hudson was napping, Madison and Alexis were having some silly fun "mean mugging" and taking pictures. I came home to several beautiful pictures that Madison made with all of her new arts and crafts items she received for Christmas! I love how much fun the kids always have with Alexis. She is watching them for a long time for me next weekend, while I go to a friend's wedding! They are so excited for some more Alexis time! :)

So serious! :)

Here is one final picture from the day. It's the kids being cute together, while eating their afternoon snack! :) Love these kids!

Sandra and Lisa, thank you again for a much needed ladies afternoon at the movies and a wonderful conversation in the car ride. Alexis, thank you for always loving on my children and giving me peace of mind while they are in your care! :)

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