Saturday, December 29, 2012

Movie Night #2

Today was a relaxed day. We got up and played with some of the kids new toys and we read some of their new books. When Hudson when down for his nap, Madison and I played some of her new games. We played Blokus Jr (which is a type of strategy/puzzle game) and I taught Madison how to play checkers on her new GIANT checkerboard. She loved both games!

After we were done, Alex was able to call for a little bit, so we talked with him. Then, it was time for lunch. After the kids were done eating, we headed for the YMCA so that they could play and I could get in a good workout! Even though I ran while I was at my parents, it just wasn't the same as being at the Y in my routine! :) 

When we got home from the Y, it started raining outside, so I told the kids that after quiet time we could have another movie night. Madison and I picked, The Lion King as our featured movie! The kids were so excited to have two movie nights in a row! :)

Once the kids were in bed, I finished putting the last of the Christmas things away and now I am off to write Alex a letter and do a little reading! :) Hope you all have a lovely evening!

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