Friday, December 28, 2012

They're Finally Yellow

Today, the kids and I drove back to San Diego from Thousand Oaks. When we arrived home, we found that several of our lemons were finally yellow (it's only taken a year and a half) and almost ready to pick! I am hoping they are ready in time to maybe make a yummy lemon dessert for New Year's Eve.

We had a quiet day, but a good day. When we arrived home, we all ate lunch and then Hudson napped and Madison and I had some good one on one time. We read some of her new stories and we talked for a little bit and then she went to quiet time and I got busy unpacking the car, starting laundry and putting some of our Christmas decorations away. Then, I got out the bread maker and started our dough for family movie and pizza night.

The kids were both excited to have our movie night and to use Hudson's new blanket that he received for Christmas. Now they each have their own blanket, although tonight they kept alternating which blanket they wanted to sit on. During the whole month of December (until now) we watched a different Christmas movie every Friday. Tonight, Madison's pick was Secret Wings (no surprise there, she is kind of obsessed with that movie). We had a wonderful time!

After the movie was over, Hudson went and grabbed his new airplane, that he received for Christmas, and brought it out into the living room. It plays a bunch of different sounds, including some silly music. Hudson began dancing to it every time it played. I recorded the time I pulled my phone out, he wasn't being quite the ham that he had been, but it's still pretty cute (if I do say so myself). Hope you enjoy!

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