Saturday, December 01, 2012

An Amazing Day

I don't even know if Amazing begins to describe the day I had today!

This morning I woke up (on my alarm and the kids were both still asleep). I took time to just lay in bed and pray for the day and for friends and family. Then, I took a nice LONG shower and got ready for the day!

***Side note, I never really enjoyed showers until this deployment. I always saw them as just something I had to check off of my "to do" list. But, ever since Alex has deployed, I really enjoy my showers. It's guaranteed "me" time where I can actually hear myself think.***

Once the kids were up, I made them breakfast and we read stories, we danced, we watched Madison pretend to be a rock-star, we watched Hudson spin himself in circles until he fell down, and we listened to Christmas music! Once I put Hudson down for his morning nap, Madison and I had some great girl time. We read a cute new book that she had borrowed from her teacher.  We played Hi Ho Cherry-O. We also read Madison's Tinkerbell Look and Find book and found all of the items on each page (think something similar to Where's Waldo). Then, just as we were finishing we got a quick Face Time call from Alex. It was a brief conversation, but oh so appreciated!

At about 10:00, I was blessed with such an amazing gift from two people that I love and cherish! Our babysitter, Alexis and her mom, Sandra took time out of their busy schedule to truly bless me. They came up with the whole plan and it was seriously amazing. So, at 10:00 they arrived and Alexis stayed with the kids (out of the goodness of her heart....she wouldn't let me pay her) and Sandra and I went down to UTC and went shopping! I haven't been shopping without kids in forever! We had such a fun time. We shopped for both Hudson and Madison. We went to lunch at Corner Bakery, where I might add, I had the most amazing salad. It was their Harvest Salad! Then we shopped some more and I actually found a dress and some cute new black boots to go with the dress! God totally blessed me today with this amazing girl time with Sandra. We had wonderful conversation and just enjoyed a beautiful day. God also totally blessed me each and every time I went to check out at EVERY SINGLE store I bought something at. I didn't pay full price for anything. Multiple different times I'd go to check out and the checker offered to just give me an extra 25% off of my entire check! Amazing!!! 

While we were gone, Alexis and the kids had a great time. Madison really enjoyed her time with Alexis. With Alex gone, I haven't utilized Alexis as much because typically we'd have her watch the kids so we could have a date night. I just love Alexis to pieces and always feel so comforted when she's with the kids. Thank you Alexis for always loving on my children the way that you do! :)

Here are some pictures Alexis took of Madison while she was there:

Once we got home, which was somewhere between 2:30 and 3:00, I put everything away and then did a couple chores before Hudson woke up. 

After Hudson was up, we made a quick trip to Target for a few things (tomorrow is another very busy, very fun day, but would leave us without any time to get some necessities for the upcoming week). We always have fun when we go to Target. We found most of the items on our list and a couple that might have not been on our list. ;) 

We checked the mail on the way home and today was a good mail day. We received my dear sweet friend's Christmas Card (Renee, you outdid yourself again...gorgeous) AND....drum roll please....I received another letter from Alex (It's a thick one). I haven't opened it's killing me, but I want to finish my "to do" list (the blog being one of the final things on it) and then curl up with a blanket and read my letter. 

Oh and another random fun thing that happened today. I discovered that a pair of pants that I bought right before Alex left (my very first pair of skinny jeans) are too big. I kept having to pull them up today. Yay for being able to go back to the store and get the next size down....I'm that much closer to my goal before Alex gets home! 

So, was a pretty AMAZING day!!!! So very grateful for....well, everything!!!!!

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