Monday, December 03, 2012

Touched to the Core

Today was a good day overall, but it was also a little somber.

I woke up just sort of feeling sad about Grandma, but had to continue on with the day's routine because that's what the kids needed. I took Madison to school and then went to the Y. I did manage to get in a very good workout!

When it was time to pick up Madison, it looked questionable as to whether it was going to rain again, so rather than getting stuck in the rain, again, I chose to drive to pick up Madison. When we arrived home, there was a small package at our door. I could tell it was from Amazon, but I couldn't think of anything I'd ordered. When we got inside, I opened it and it was a sweet gift from Alex. He'd ordered me a Christmas CD and included a sweet little note!

A little later we went to the park. The kids had a great time. Hudson is super proud of himself for being able to go on the BIG slide all by himself. I kept trying to snap pictures, but they were blurry, so finally I was able to get a somewhat decent one of him at the bottom of the slide. 

Madison had a blast with all of her friends. They would play forever, if we let them! I started getting wimpy in the cold and the sun was setting, so we went in a little early tonight. But before leaving the park, I snapped this picture of the sky! It was gorgeous...there is no filter on this picture.

On our way back from the park, we stopped and picked up the mail. There was yet another package in the mail. I was so excited! I saw that it was from my dear friend Carolyn (we use to live in 29 Palms together). She has always been so thoughtful and once again, she takes the cake for thoughtful gifts. Along with their gorgeous Christmas Card and letter, she sent the kids ornaments with their names on them. They are so cute and touched me deeply! So very thoughtful! Thank you again Carolyn!!!!

Once the kids were all in bed, I had the chance to have a nice LONG conversation with Emma! We have had one of the longest games of phone tag/text message tag games in a long time. We talked for almost two hours and still there was more we needed to discuss, but it was definitely time to go to bed (well, after I posted my daily blog posts). Love you Emma!

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