Friday, December 21, 2012

And...I'm Spent!

Yesterday, I spent all day prepping for Madison's class party that was today. Hudson was my little helper.

Yesterday, I ran to Target, to Michael's, and then back to Target. Then, I went to Domino's to get a price quote. Next, I picked up Madison from school and decorated for the Christmas Party. Then, we went home just long enough for Hudson to take an hour long nap and for me to make the Candied Almonds (that I thought I was going to be able to make in the morning). ***An aside, I was making the almonds for some friends and for the doctors and nurses that we see at our doctor's office, little did I know we'd be going later that day for an actual appointment, not just dropping off goodies***

Hudson has had a nagging cough for the last couple of weeks. I took him to the doctor about three weeks ago and back then, his ears were clear, lungs sounded good and it was just deemed a cold. Well, his cough kept going back and forth between sounding wet and then sounding dry. I just decided to bite the bullet and make an appointment because with Christmas coming up, I just wanted to make sure he was healthy (last year we were in the ER with him for an ear infection on Christmas Day). The kids' doctor is a dear friend of mine, so it's always nice to go and see her anyway. She ended up saying, once again that his ears were clear (he'd been tugging on them, so I thought maybe this time there was something going on in there) and his cough wasn't pretty, but wasn't anything to be too worried about, but nonetheless she graciously gave us a script for antibiotics to try to knock this cough out of his body (or rather, whatever is causing it).

The doctor's office was running a bit behind yesterday, so we ended up going straight from the doctor's office to Office Depot to finish up the class card book we made him. I ended up changing my mind about how I was going to bind it all together, so I had to go back later because the book was at home. From Office Depot we went to Domino's to officially place our order and pay for the pizzas for Madison's class party. Then, we went to Rite Aid to pick up Hudson's prescription. From there we ran home real quick to get the book. The kids were starving (it was about 5:30 at this point), so I ran through In-N-Out on the way back to Office Depot. The kids scarfed their food in the car and then we went in and waited while they laminated and bound the book. By the time we arrived back home, it was 7:20...whew! I quick put Hudson's jammies on and brushed his teeth and put him to bed. Madison did the same thing.

As soon as the kids were down, the rest of my craziness started. I had to make the gift card wreath for Mr. Ray (which I'd never done before, but actually enjoyed and thought it turned out pretty cute). I also had to remake some peanut brittle because I had tried to make some earlier while the almonds were cooking during that hour we were home, but it never set. :/ So, my sweet friend Amy, came to my rescue and brought me some of the ingredients I'd run out of, so that I could remake the peanut brittle and thankfully it set this time! I think it must have had something to do with the crazy weather we've been having. I also had to bake about 40 Christmas Tree Sugar Cookies. Once I was done with that, I had to prep and separate a bunch of items into small plastic baggies so that the kids would each have their own set for the cookie decorating table. Then, I had to make a sample of the art project they were going to be making (along with cutting all of the paper for them to use for the art project). I had to prep the mason jars and fabric for the gifts we were taking to school. I was working on things for the party until about 1:00 am. When I finally went to bed, I think the second my head hit the pillow, I was asleep.

***Another aside: When we came home from all of our errands we had seven packages waiting for us at our door. Most of them were things I ordered: Rain boots for Madison, a warmer coat for Hudson, one of Madison's Christmas presents, diapers, Alex's Welcome Home Banner (it arrived yesterday...can you believe wasn't suppose to be here until mid-Feb), and then two sweet packages from my dear friend Kristin. She sent some cute little goodies that were wrapped, so I put them under the tree, but she sent some lovely baked goodies, a hand made snow globe for the kids, and a set of darling little clips for Madison's hair!

Okay, now to today.

I had so much fun today. My friend April came over and watched Hudson for me, which was such a blessing because he was able to nap and just hang out so that I could be at school all day! Once Madison and I were at school, I was in full blown, party prepping mode. I had A LOT to do before everyone arrived.

We started the morning out with a lovely pancake breakfast. One of the parents made fresh pancakes for everyone to enjoy and then other parents helped by bringing in different toppings and fruit for the kiddos. While they ate their breakfast they were able to watch Charlie Brown's Christmas!

After breakfast, we started the different stations. We had a cookie making station where they decorated homemade sugar cookies and made Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer cookies. Another station, was making a snowman out of construction paper. The next station was a math station with Mr. Ray. There was also a writing station, where the kids wrote about what they wanted to do over the break and then they drew a picture to go with it. Finally, there was a station where each child was able to color their own wooden Frosty the Snowman ornament and then they also were able to make paper snowflakes! I think they all had a lot of fun!

Once that was finished, it was time for the pizza. My friend Kristyle ran and picked up the pizzas for me! The kids were so excited when she came back in with all of them! The kids enjoyed their lunch and then they were able to go outside and have a much needed recess to get the wiggles out! :)

I think overall it was a successful party. The kids had fun! We had a great turn out of parents, which helped everything to run so much smoother, and it was the last day of school before the break!

Once we arrived home we just kind of relaxed for a little bit because we were spent! Plus, it is Friday so we had our family movie night. Tonight we watched Mickey's Christmas. 

When I went to get the mail today, a bracelet that I'd ordered a little while ago, was in the mail. I was so excited! :) It's leather and it snaps (I ordered a small because the reviews said that they stretch, but now I wish I'd ordered the medium so that there was a little bit more room, but I love it anyway and I'll make it work). :)

After the kids went to bed, I had to get busy cleaning the house and getting everything ready for my parents to arrive tomorrow! So excited for their visit! :) 

Hope you all had a lovely day! I am off to get some much needed sleep!

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