Friday, November 30, 2012

The Rain Got Me

So, I wish I had a picture of this to show you because I am sure that it was a pretty funny scene to all who saw it.

Today I walked to school to pick Madison up and just as we were leaving her school it started raining. Yep, we literally had just started our walk back home and still had about two miles to go. I had Madison hop in the stroller and I started running as fast as I could so that the kids wouldn't be in the rain for too long. Thankfully, it was an okay temperature.

It rained the whole way home, but there were parts of it that it was simply just that annoying mist/sprinkle type of rain. Nevertheless, we made it home and thankfully, I was the only one who was soaked. I was fully prepared to have to throw both of the kids in a warm bath/shower to warm them up and then get them in dry clothes, but the BOB did a great job of shielding them from the rain and I had a blanket with me that my dear friend Melissa had made for Hudson, that the kids were able to use to cover their legs.

It was definitely something! I was dog tired when I got home. I had already run about 3.5 miles on the treadmill this morning and I ran hard (I started at 6.1 and increased by at least .1 after each lap, so by the time I was done with my run I was at 7.5). My legs were shot, but I felt bad that I had the kids stuck in the rain, so I ran at every spot possible...there were some spots that my legs just wouldn't let me run up the hills, so we walked those, but everything else was a quick run.

We finished up the evening with pizza and movie night....Ratatouille. I just think that movie is so cute!

I am looking forward to tomorrow. I will have some fun stuff to post about...we have a busy, busy weekend ahead of us, but it's all fun stuff!

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