Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Today was a low key day because I'm still feeling under the weather. Whatever I have feels like it is morphing into something else now. I would appreciate if it would just leave this momma alone! I have places to go and people to see and things to get ready for! :)

Anyway, I ran a couple of errands this morning, bought a couple things, returned a couple of things. Then, Hudson and I came home and played for a little bit before his nap. Once he was down, I did my weekly cleaning of the bathrooms. I also dusted and vacuumed, along with a few other chores.

Life Groups started back up this week and tonight is our night! I love our life group! They are such an amazingly wonderful group of people! I always feel so blessed by them! We started a new DVD series tonight by Francis Chan called BASIC. Tonight's DVD was "Fear God." We had a great conversation and just all enjoyed being back together after the long break for all of the holidays. Since we had last met a sweet new baby has been born (just shy of two weeks) and one of our friends in the group is newly pregnant! So fun!

Anyway, forgive me for this extremely short post. I am going to go to bed so that I can hopefully get rid of this dumb cold (or whatever it is).

***Please keep praying for Tori to wake up! Thank you***

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