Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Kids and Their Loot!

So, this morning was glorious! The kids both slept in!!!! I was able to sleep in (for me, which was 7:00) and still get up and have time to get up and do my morning devotion before the kids got up! It was glorious I tell you :)

Anyway, once we started our day, we ran to the post office to mail off our tax organizer! :) Yahoo!!! And then we headed to the mall. I had high hopes of finding my homecoming outfit today after all of my research on line last night, but I came home empty handed. Several of the stores didn't have things I found on line, but wanted to try on in person. Also, several of the items I found in person, were slightly different colors than they appeared on line and didn't really go with my overall theme. :/

Once I was done shopping, we grabbed some lunch at Boudin's and then we went to The Disney Store (the kids had gift cards from Christmas). They each made out like bandits. With Madison's gift cards she bought a Tinkerbell Keychain for her backpack, a Tangled reusable sticker book, and a "Boo" doll (from Monster's Inc) that talks. She still has $5 left...she was a good spender today. Hudson bought a Lightening McQueen flashy spinny car thing, a Toy Story car with Woody on it, a Mickey Mouse Camera, and the Peter Pan movie (he reordered it and it will be in on the 5th of February). He broke even. The kids were so cute picking out all of their items today. We walked the store once and then went back to the front and walked it again and gathered the items that were wanting to be purchased.

After we were back home and I'd put Hudson down for his nap, Madison and I spent the better part of two hours cleaning out and reorganizing everything in her room (well, almost everything). Then, she had her quiet time and I cleaned up the kitchen and looked for more homecoming outfits. 

We went to the park, but it was freezing, so that was short lived. We then came home and had dinner and had a quiet evening. 

Looking forward to church tomorrow and possibly going to a few more stores and then AWANAS in the evening!

**Please keep the prayers going for Tori, same as yesterday! Thank you!**

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