Sunday, January 20, 2013

My Little Model

Yay for feeling almost back to myself today! Thank you again for all of your prayers! I woke up, showered, made blueberry muffins and did my quiet time all before the kids were up. It was very refreshing.

While getting ready for church today, I put Hudson in a new shirt (it was one I was thinking about using for the homecoming and then went a different direction, so I busted it out today). Hudson was very proud of his shirt...he already has a taste in fashion at 22 months old. Love it! Here are a couple of pictures I took while he was hamming it up for me.

Isn't he just the most handsome little monkey you've ever seen!?!

The kids and I went to church today. I had a great talk with two wonderful ladies who always make me smile. Then, the kids and I went home and had some lunch. We attempted to talk to Alex. We succeeded for a few minutes and then we had a bad connection and were not able to connect again. The kids had a great quiet time and I was able to catch up on the phone with two other wonderful ladies.

The kids had AWANAS tonight. Madison had crazy hair night tonight. I had an epic fail in the picture department, as in I forgot to take a picture of her hair. She came up with the idea though. We did an upside down french braid (so she flipped her head upside down and I started at the base of her neck and worked my way up). Then we put the hair in a ponytail. Next, we split her hair into two sections and each section had a braid. We also used very COLORFUL rubber bands (that didn't match her outfit) because that was "crazy" to Madison. I did get a picture of Madison with some of her little friends in her Sparks group. The way she is in the picture, you can't see her hair, but you can see just how excited she is to be there with her buddies.

At the end of AWANAS, I found out Madison earned her Red Jewel 4 tonight and she also was able to move on to a new book to do the review. She is working on earning her Green Jewel 4 this week. She has to do specific chores (such as picking up after herself, getting ready for bed willingly and not whining or complaining when asked to do things) all week and I have to sign off on each item, each day to prove she did them.  She will also be working on the review of her old book and completing the activities in her new book. She is sooooo excited! :) This girl is determined!

***Please continue to pray for Tori to wake up!!! Thank you***

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