Saturday, January 26, 2013

Joy In Every Circumstance

Well, today was a VERY lazy day! We pretty much stayed in our pajamas all day and lounged around the house watching movies, reading stories and working on puzzles. I have made some progress on my 1,000 piece puzzle, but I want to show that when it's completely finished.

I also had a very sweet friend text me and tell me that she was delivering me dinner! So very sweet of her! She made us Chicken Matzo Ball Soup! It was very tasty! Thank you again Amy for sending me texts all throughout the day to check in on me and to see how I was doing. It really means so much to me to have friends check in, because on days like this all I really want is to just snuggle with the love of my life, but since that isn't possible right now, feeling the love from friends and family texting, emailing, and calling to see how today was going meant more to me than I can express!

I am so blessed to feel God's love from a number of places. Today, I felt God's love and His "it's going to be okay" through the kindness of my friends! There is joy in every circumstance, if you just take the time to find it!

Once again, Madison brought me much joy in her loving and caring way of taking care of me by helping Hudson's needs all be met through things she was able to do for him. I mean even right now, she just finished helping me clean up Hudson's room because he was asking to go to bed and now she is in her room reading books (because she wanted to let me rest). She simply asked me to come tell her when it was time for bed and that she'd put herself to bed tonight so that I could lay down. I mean come on...isn't she just the most precious thing ever!?! I am hoping to surprise her in just a little bit by going in and doing her bedtime routine with her :)

Thank you all for your prayers...hoping tomorrow I wake up and feel 100% better!

***Please continue praying for Tori to WAKE UP!!!! Thank you!!!***

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