Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Today has been a fun day, but a frustrating day (as far as how I'm feeling goes). Just when I thought I was getting better, I get knocked back down again. I woke up this morning at 3:50am feeling terrible (not as bad as Saturday, but still not great). I was unable to go back to sleep, but not for lack of trying. 5:30 came around and my alarm went off, so I got up and went through my morning routine. By this point, I felt a little better, but still decided that I needed to see our Primary Care Physician.

I dropped Madison off at school, went to Trader Joe's and then dropped a bunch of stuff (mostly old toys) off at Good Will. On our way home, Hudson and I stopped by the ASYMCA (Armed Services YMCA) because I'd received an email last night letting me know that the kids' "Operation Kid Comfort" quilts had been finished. This is a service the ASYMCA provides for the children with deployed parents. You send them 6-8 photos (the give pretty specific guidelines for each photo) and then they have a group of ladies that volunteer to make these beautiful quilts. The first one shown is Madison's (notice the lady bugs...funny thing is, I didn't mention anything about ladybugs...kinda neat).

This one is Hudson's:

The kids LOVE their daddy quilts! They walked around with them all evening. 

After picking up the quilts and dropping off our loot from Trader Joe's I went to go see Devan (my friend and PCM). I was tested for strep and it came back negative...looks like I just have a nasty bug that is zapping my energy and making my throat feel unbelievably uncomfortable. I have been popping throat lozenges, eating chicken soup, drinking hot tea and taking Ibuprofen like it's cool! 

Today is Tuesday, so it was also a gymnastics day. Madison did really well today. Her coach came out and spoke to me and said that she's just about ready to test to advance from Novice 1 into Novice 2. She said once she consistently gets her pull around all by herself they will test her. Very exciting! Below is a picture of Madison working on her splits before class started. Their coach asked them to begin working on their splits and back bends at home so that they would become more limber and flexible. Madison was on top of it...after dinner tonight, she asked right away if she could work on everything. There was a little frustration, but then we had the talk about how if everything was easy we wouldn't need to practice and life would be pretty boring. She is doing so well and I reminded her this is suppose to be fun, but that if she did want to get better (as with anything) she needed to WANT to practice and to do it. I explained that it is going to be up to her because I don't ever want her to feel forced to do anything, but that I am more than happy to help spot her and count for her while she practices. She was all smiles after that! :) Love my sweet girl and that determination (not sure where she gets her competitive edge ;)!

***Please continue to pray for Tori. She had a second elbow surgery today and all appears to have gone well. Please continue to pray for her to wake up and for God to fully heal her brain. Thank you***


Candace Nagle said...

Stephanie I just love reading your blog! Such a nice post. Please wish Madison the best of luck with her splits!

Stephanie said...


Thank you so much friend! It's such a blessing to have the technology we do to allow Alex to keep up with our daily goings-on :)

It's also been super fun getting sweet little notes (like yours) from friends I don't get to see often. God is sooo good at sending a note at just the perfect time!

Hope you're doing well! :)