Thursday, January 10, 2013

Quiet Day; Part 2

Today was very similar to yesterday.

We all slept in and after breakfast we watched a plethora of movies. We had a lot of fun, but today was harder to keep Madison calm and resting, but I guess that is a good thing. It means she's starting to feel better.

Madison woke up with a slight fever, but after one dose of ibuprofen, it was gone and didn't return for the rest of the day. Yay!!!! She can go to school tomorrow! She's so excited!!! I am just praying that her fever doesn't randomly return in the middle of the night because she will be devastated. She wants so badly to sing her song with the rest of the class tomorrow.

This afternoon, our friend/doctor ran a rapid growth throat culture on Hudson for me and it came back NEGATIVE!!!! Yahoo!!!! Today was filled with great news.

I'm excited because Madison gets to go to her special thing at school tomorrow and I get to go to a special military dinner at church tomorrow night. I am so excited for it because a bunch of my friends are going and it's going to be a lovely evening!

Oh, and another great thing that happened today: I found the kids' homecoming outfits!!!! Yay!!!! Now to find mine! Well, I'm off to start hunting!

Oh and one more thing I just thought of that added to my great day: I finished filling out tax organizer and getting all of the paperwork together! Now I just have to get it all in the mail!!! Yay!!! Maybe I'll even have our tax return before Alex gets home...I know, wishful thinking, but maybe :)

Hope you have a great evening!

**Please keep praying for Tori, things are starting to look better, but there is still a LONG road ahead of her. Please pray for God's COMPLETE healing of the left side of her brain and for her to wake up! Thank you!!!**

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