Monday, January 07, 2013

Black Belt

Today Madison started back to school and thus our weekly routine has started once again! Yay!!!! Madison had so much fun being back at school; this apple didn't fall far from the tree. I always loved going back to school after any sort of break. Madison was overjoyed to come home with her reading folder and to have a book to read to me tonight. It was cute. Her book was a short play. Each of the characters were animals and she read each animal in a different voice! She is such a joy!

Hudson and I went to the Y this morning and then to the Post Office. We mailed Alex his first care package from us for 2013 and contained within was his new Black Belt, that he earned last week, but was unable to get from supply. I am so proud of my hubby! He amazes me every day!

Today was a good mail day. I received a letter from my love (it's a thick one...yay...can't wait to read it). I also received our Tax Organizer, just waiting on a few pieces of mail to come in and then I can get that sent off and be done with our taxes.

Now I am off to read my wonderful letter and then to watch my shows that are starting tonight! :) So happy it's Monday!

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