Thursday, January 17, 2013

Nerd Alert

So today has been interesting. I woke up feeling crummy, so I decided that after I dropped Madison off at school I was going to run to Jamba Juice and get a Cold Buster (which I learned has been renamed to  Orange C-Booster). Once I did this, I felt much better. I even went to the Mission Valley Mall with Kristyle and walked around for about an hour and a half. We definitely spent most of our time in Target! I must say that my inner nerd came out though because I discovered that Disney has a new line of "big kid" puzzles. I had to get one for myself. I had forgotten just how much I love puzzles until recently when Madison has been asking for my help with her bigger puzzles. These Disney puzzles are 1,000 pieces and kind of the old fashion style drawings. They didn't have too many choices, so I picked the best one of the ones they had, which was a vintage Snow White. I am excited to start this puzzle!

Then I came home and gave Hudson a quick snack and we were out the door to walk to school (it was a gorgeous day...mid 70's). Had a great walk to school, but then it hit me. I started to feel crummy again, but this time worse than I did when I first woke up and we still had 2.5 miles to go to get home. Once we were home and the kids were in quiet time,  I enjoyed about an hour and a half nap, but still woke up feeling bleh!

The kids received two HUGE packages from Alex (last night) from the United Through Reading Program, so I plopped the DVD in and let the kids sit and watch/listen to Alex read them stories.

Then it was shower/bath time and dinner. Thankfully, the kids were very cooperative. Bedtime went very smoothly and then I hopped in the shower hoping to feel better. I do, a little, but still feel under the weather. As much as I am looking forward to starting my puzzle, I think it will have to wait until this weekend because my bed is calling my name. Good night friends!

***Please continue to pray that Tori would wake up! This is the biggest prayer request right now! Thank you***

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