Thursday, January 03, 2013

Crazy, Wild Hair

This morning Madison and I had dentist appointments! We both had to get x-rays (boo!) and then we had our cleaning. I took Hudson with us and he was such a good boy! I was very proud of how well he sat in his stroller, ate his snack and played with one of his new toys from Christmas!

Madison and I both had good appointments, but I left there a little discouraged because the dentist pulled me aside and began talking about how large Madison's tonsils are (not knowing what we'd heard yesterday at the ENT). She told me she thought I needed to get them looked at and that she was concerned about whether or not they interfere with her airway! Ugh! Not a great feeling when two days in a row you hear how big your daughter's tonsils are and that they might need to come out...especially after just having had surgery. Bleh!

After the dentist, we went to the Y as usual and had a great time. When we came home we had lunch, read some stories and played for a little bit before Hudson had to go down for his nap. Then Madison and I finished the last five chapters of her Junie B. Jone's book that she'd received for Christmas! I love reading with this sweet girl! :)

After the kids' quiet time, we quick ran to subway and picked up some sandwiches to go and then came back home to eat them. It was bath/shower night for the kids, so we quick ate dinner and then everyone bathed and put their jammies on.

***Hudson's hair is a tad on the long side right now because of a snafu we had when we went to try to get his hair cut a few weeks ago and the place was closed. So, tomorrow we're going to attempt a haircut once again. Thus, tonight we had some fun with his hair in the bath!***

Hope you guys had a blessed day!!!

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