Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Quiet Day

So, this morning when Madison woke up, her cheeks were flushed and I could just tell something wasn't right. Well, sure enough, when I took her temperature, it was just over 102. So, I called our ENT to see if her throat culture had come back yet, before I made an appointment with our Primary Care Physician (who also happens to be a wonderful friend). Thankfully our ENT had received the results this morning (crazy that the full culture takes so long) and she has a pretty heafty dose of Strep A. The good thing was that this saved us a trip to the doctor's office. We were able to go straight to the pharmacy and pick up her antibiotics (she is on a double dose of cefdinir twice a day for the next ten days).

Needless to say, today was a fairly quiet day. We pretty much just lounged around and watched movies all day. Madison went back and forth between feeling yucky and feeling fine all day, but just after dinner (which we ate sort of early tonight) her fever spiked back up. I have her some ibuprofen and she watched the end of Little Mermaid and then around 6:00 she asked if she could go to bed. I knew she wasn't feeling good when she asked to go to bed. Praying she gets a wonderful night's sleep and wakes up feeling like brand new. (I am also praying that Hudson doesn't catch it).

We are hopeful that Madison will wake up fever free tomorrow and then she'll be able to go to school on Friday. Her class is performing a song at their tribal meeting which happens only once a month. This is the one and only time her class will get to perform all year. Madison was very upset that she didn't get to go to school today and was almost in tears this evening when she asked if she would be going to school tomorrow and I had to tell her no. Praying that tomorrow is a day of health and recovery, so that Friday can bring smiles before the weekend!

Also, thank you to my friend Amy, who was so thoughtful and brought me over subway for dinner. Now I am watching the movie "Safe." Anyone seen it? So far it seems pretty good!

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