Friday, January 18, 2013

Saying, "Good-Bye" to a Sweet Friend

Today I woke up feeling under the weather, so I did not get to help out in Madison's class, which really bummed me out. Today was little Andy's last day. I've come to know this sweet boy a little better because of being in the classroom each week and for all of the class parties. He is such a sweetheart and will be greatly missed. I have also had the privilege of becoming friends with his mom, Becky, who is an amazingly strong woman. I am so blessed to have met them and wish them the  best of luck on their new adventure.

Today also happened to be College Sports Day. Kristyle was kind enough to bring a Texas, Longhorns hat for Madison, so that she had something to wear to give their class extra points. Here is a picture of some of the kids in Madison's class in their spirit colors (Madison's eyes are shut, but it's still a cute picture)

Here is a picture, taken after school, of Madison, Andy and Kolten making silly faces together for the last time before Andy moves.

A sweet friend of mine, Amy, brought dinner over to us since I was feeling so under the weather. I am so thankful for her thoughtfulness because I just don't know what I would have done for the dinner had she not so generously made it for us. The kids and I ate, watched part of Sound of Music and then I had to cut it short because I was in such dire need of going to bed. The kids were great though. They both fell sleep within 5 minutes of being put to bed (which is not always the case) and I went to bed at not much else to report.

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