Saturday, January 05, 2013

What A 'Crock' :)

This morning our day started out pretty normal: got up, ate breakfast, went the Y, went to Trader Joe's, came home, ate lunch, and then quiet time, but today was no ordinary day. A dear friend of mine from high school (I was doing the math and I believe we've been friends for about 16 years now) married his soulmate!

While I was at the wedding, our wonderful babysitter and friend, Alexis, came over to watch the kids for me.  She took some cute pictures of the are a couple of them while they were eating their snack. The one of Hudson is yet another one of his "cheese" faces.

The Wedding was simply beautiful! It was a small intimate wedding overlooking the water. It was at Paradise Point Spa and Resort! It was gorgeous! The way we were facing, I wasn't able to get many great shots due to the position of the sun, but believe me when I say it was perfect. 

Before the wedding started, James, Dave, and Terry (along with the other groomsmen) came out to mingle for a little bit and I was able to snap a quick picture with these guys before they had to go get ready to walk down the isle. Even in my three inch heels, I was still about a foot shorter than these guys! Some things never change! :) It was great to see these guys. We were all in high school youth group together growing up and over the years we've all kept in touch in some form or another! It had been awhile this time though, since I'd seen all of them. Definitely brings back memories of all the fun we used to have as kids!

Here is James seeing Keri get ready to walk down the isle:

Here is the beautiful Keri and her dad:

Just after saying their vows:

Husband and Wife:

 Cutting of the Cake:

James and Keri, I am so happy for you guys! You are such a beautiful couple and your children are simply adorable! Thank you so much for allowing me to come and celebrate with you guys! I had a blast and wish nothing but the best for you! PS~I hope someone was able to video tape your first dance because it seriously was the best one I've seen at any wedding I've ever been to! Love and hugs!

**If you're wondering about the title of the worries, it was a throw back to my dear friend...wasn't meant to explain the post**

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