Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Turn of the Key

Today we had a fun day with my parents, who are in town!

We had a Breakfast Strata to start the morning and then we headed off to the mall. The main reason we were going to the mall was to go to Boudin's for lunch (I was still craving that salad I posted about about a week ago), but we also didn't want to deal with crazy parking, so we went to the mall just as it was opening. Since we were there early, we headed to the Disney Store in hopes that we would get to be there when they do their special unlocking of the doors with their BIG key! We were just in time, and lucky Madison was the only one there to help them unlock the doors. Here is a picture of Madison...she was so excited!

Once Madison was done helping, they gave her an ornament that looked exactly like the key she was using to unlock the doors! It was so cute and it made Madison's morning! Madison also scored big time at the Disney Store! My parents, but my mom in particular, is a sucker for all things Disney (now you know where I get it from), so she let Madison pick out a few things. Hudson lucked out too. 

After we were done at the Disney Store we went to Macy's for our tradition of picking out the kids Christmas clothes (we always do this over the Thanksgiving holiday and we have always gone to Macy's, and we always get an amazing deal). I was going to post pictures of what we found, but decided to keep their outfits a surprise for Christmas! :) 

Today was a busy day at home. We did a lot of holiday prep for tomorrow. Madison helped me bake sugar cookies. My mom and I prepped the stuffing muffins. I baked mini pumpkin muffins for breakfast tomorrow. We did a lot more, but those were my favorites! 

This evening we watched a movie called GONE!!! It was so good! It is a suspense movie that I highly recommend, if you're into those kinds of movies! 

Hope you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow! We will be spending the day thanking God for our men and women who are overseas away from their families (especially our Marine) and praying that God will help all of the families feel the presence of their loved ones despite the distance between them. We will also be spending the day with my parents, Alex's parents, and some of our friends (Kristyle, Kolten and Ashlynn). 

Tomorrow when you're remembering all of the things you're thankful for, please remember to thank God for sending His son to die for our sins and for the Grace He has freely bestowed upon us! How truly blessed we are by the One who sustains us and gives us life!

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