Saturday, November 10, 2012

God's Timing is Perfect!

Today has been a strange day. This morning I went to a "Return of the King" Seminar at our church. It was a nice morning of "me" time and also very interesting! I always enjoy when I get to learn something new and when I get to reinforce things I already know and understand! This morning was perfect for that!

Once the seminar was over, the kids and I came home and had lunch and played for a little bit (and had a brief conversation with Alex). Then it was quiet time, which was lovely. I was able to get some much needed laundry done and I also watched a movie that I've been wanting to see for a long time, but had been talked out of watching it: New Year's Eve. I know that it received terrible reviews, but I actually really liked it. It did start out just a tad slow, but that is because it had to build the story line for a bunch of different stories that were all taking place. I enjoyed how everything played out and thought that there were some hilariously funny parts, as well as some very tender parts. I would watch it again and I actually think it's one of those movies that would get better the more you watch it. Anyway, all that being said, I recommend that if you haven't seen New Year's Eve that it's worth the time and energy! :)

When quiet time was over, the kids and I played around. We turned on some Christmas music and danced to it, we read stories, we played with various toys, and then the kids kept playing and began prepping dinner. Tonight we had roasted chicken, edamame, and steamed rice! It was a hit with the kids, which in my book counts as a successful dinner :) Plus, it was low calorie and high in protein, always a plus!

After dinner we busted out Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving and watched it. It's not my favorite of the Charlie Brown movies, but it is still pretty entertaining and Madison LOVES it, so the smile on her face made it all worth it! Hudson was having a rough night, so I put him to bed early and then Madison and I finished watching the movie together. I love when I get snuggle time with my girl! She is just the sweetest! I am so very proud of her and just love her to pieces!

Once the kids went to bed, I had to chance to talk to a dear friend on the phone for a little bit. We'd been playing phone tag for far too long and finally had a phone date set! It was so wonderful to catch up with her.

So, as mentioned in the previous post, today is the Marine Corps Birthday! I missed Alex an extra lot today! Well, I received some special mail today! God's timing is perfect! For those of you who don't know the story I'll give a brief recap. Back, almost three years ago now, when we moved from 29 Palms to San Diego, one box of my kitchen stuff went missing. I assumed it was stolen, based on past experience. Well, my bible (the one I've had since my junior year of high school with all of my little notes and everything written all throughout it), was also missing after the move. As a result, I just assumed that it was also in the box that was missing, since it was nowhere to be found. Well, last week, I randomly received a message on Facebook, from the wonderful Chaplain at the Chapel on base in 29 Palms and he asked me if I was missing my bible. This is not the same Chaplain that was there when we were there, so I was a little confused when I first received the message from a complete stranger, but then he went on to explain that he'd found a bible with my name in it and with Alex's name in it and he could tell that it was important to whomever had lost it. So, he looked up Alex's name in the global directory and found out that Alex was deployed. Then he looked me up on Facebook and found me. Anyway, today my bible arrived in the mail!!! God knew that today, of all days, that Alex would be deployed and that I would be missing Alex extra with it being the Marine Corps Birthday. God blessed me with my Bible today! Again, God's timing is perfect! I have had so much fun looking through it and seeing everything I had kept in it and all of the fun notes I had saved.

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