Monday, November 26, 2012

Back to Our Routine

Today, we were back in our routine! Yay!!!

I dropped Madison off at school (which she was so excited to be back at) and then went to the Y. I pushed myself harder than normal because I want to jumpstart my weight loss again. I didn't gain any weight over the holiday, but I didn't lose any either! Anyway, I enjoyed my workout.

Then, when we got home, Hudson went down for a nap and I had the chance to talk to Alex on Face Time. It was so good to catch up with him. We hadn't really had an in depth conversation in about a week an a half. I enjoyed my lunch date with my handsome prince!

Once we were done talking, it was time to get Hudson up and to feed him lunch. We, then got ready for our walk to school to go pick sister up! I walked with Kristyle today and we had a great conversation. I always enjoy our walks.

When we picked the kids up their teacher had their school pictures!!!!! Yay! I love Madison's school picture, but a little frustrated that they had the kindergartners take their picture after recess had already happened. Madison still looks adorable, but you can tell that she'd been playing...just a little frustrating when you pay all that money for the pictures (before seeing them) and then they don't even take the time to let their faces cool off from running or to fix their hair.

This evening Kami came over for dinner and to just hang out! It was so wonderful to see her and to catch up! Life has been crazy and it's been hard to find time to hang out, so this wonderful visit was much appreciated! We love you Kami and can't wait for your next visit! :)

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