Thursday, November 22, 2012

Being Purposeful with My Time....

Today is Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is a day that I LOVE. I love to have people over. I love to cook for people. I love to help people feel comfortable and happy. I love this time of year.

It's very tempting to use the holidays to just make the time go by faster until Alex gets home (I will admit though that they are a great distraction every day, but the actual day of the holiday is when his absence is very evident). But I digress, I don't want to just pass time until Alex gets home. During this time, my kids are getting bigger, my walk with the Lord is getting deeper, many of my friendships are growing stronger, my relationship with my kids is ever so sweet, and so on. I want to soak up each minute of each day and not ever just wish one of the days away. I am thankful for this time in our lives. While I miss Alex every day, I feel like we're growing by leaps and bounds as a family!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I am so thankful that God felt our family was strong enough to endure this separation. I am thankful for all that I am learning through this time (about myself, about my kids, about my marriage, about my friends, about just about everything). I am beyond thankful for the amazing man that God has blessed me with to have by my side through everything, while also calling him to have a unique roll in defending our country. I am so proud of the man I am married to and wouldn't hesitate one second to marry him all over again!

Today was a beautiful day, in more ways than one. It started very early this morning, with prepping the turkey and getting it in the oven, prepping the food we weren't able to prep yesterday and getting the table all set up and ready. Below is a picture of my table in the process of being set up for Thanksgiving (somehow I missed getting a picture of it once it was completely done).

Here are a few pictures of me and the kids from the course of the day:

As my previous posts have talked about, my parents are here for a few days. In addition to my parents, Alex's parents were here and our friends Kristyle, Kolten and Ashlynn were here. It was such a joy to have a full house and to just spend time cooking for, laughing with, and enjoying a meal together with friends and family!

Kristyle made these cute Turkey Hats for the kiddos, which they loved!

Before we sat down for our Thanksgiving lunch/dinner we were able to Face Time with Alex and he said the blessing for our meal. Oh how I love that man. God has placed him as the leader of our home and even from over 3,000 miles away, he still made time to be with us as we thanked the Lord for all of the blessings in our lives.

After lunch/dinner, we all just sort of hung out for a little bit and then we busted out the dessert. Hilda brought a cookie/chocolate moose pizza. I made sugar cookies for the kids to decorate and we also had a pumpkin pie. 

Throughout the day we all just sort of talked, relaxed, and the kids played. Below is a picture of Hudson definitely not having any trouble relaxing today.

To finish off the day, after everyone went home, we watch The Polar Express in our Christmas Jammies, while eating some popcorn! The kids thoroughly enjoyed it and looked so stinking cute in their jammies. 

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