Sunday, November 18, 2012

Lesson Learned...

This morning we went to church...Madison was very excited to be going somewhere. Being cooped up in the house for the past two days was making her crazy. :)

She did okay last night, but woke up 3-4 times complaining of how stuff her nose felt (it was the swelling from the surgery) and the last time she woke up it was about 5:00 and it was too late. Her body had already thought she'd had a full night's sleep. She was good and stayed in her room until it was really time to get up, but it was another early morning for her. Here's to hoping tonight is a normal night :)

As a treat, I took the kids to In-n-Out for lunch, well we went through the drive through and brought it home. They loved it and it was a nice treat for me too! I've been super strict with what I have been eating so that I can maximize the results of all of my working out. I have to say though, that while it was tasty (as always) it wasn't nearly as satisfying. I was hungry almost an hour later, when normally I eat half the calories for lunch and am full until my mid afternoon snack. Anyway, lesson learned! :)

After the kids quiet time, we went in the backyard and enjoyed the nice day! We played volleyball. We played soccer. We played hide-n-seek. We also taught Hudson how to go up the ladder to the slide, all by himself! He was very proud! He must have done it about a dozen times! Here is a video of Hudson successfully making it up the ladder and then down the slide!

Also, here is a picture of the kids both on the glider:

The kids are at their AWANAS Thanksgiving Feast right now! I am sure they are having a blast! They were both super excited to get there! :)

Madison received her first patch and her wings tonight (the wings keep all of the jewels they earn)!
So fun!

This was Hudson's craft for tonight! They learned that God made moons and that Jesus loves them!

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