Saturday, November 17, 2012

Simply Beautiful

We had a laid back kind of day to give Madison one more day of rest, just to make sure her healing stayed headed in the right direction. :)

The kids were up crazy early (Madison at 3:45 and Hudson at 5:00), but I kept them in their rooms until about 6:30. But, even though they were in their rooms, I heard Madison singing and talking to herself and once Hudson was up, I heard him needless to say, I have been up since about 3:45 as well!

Madison was doing much better today! She was feeling back to herself (almost), but like I mentioned earlier, we kept today low key on she'd continue feeling better! Thank you again to all of you who have been praying for her!

It was a nice day today, so we played in the backyard some and after the kids both got up from their quiet time, I plopped them both in the stroller and went for a run. I initially set out to go for a walk, but was feeling rather motivated and ran 5.5 miles with them (the stroller, plus the kids totals around 100lbs).

Here is a picture (which doesn't even do the sky justice) of the beautiful canvas God painted while I was running!

Well, the kids are in bed now (a little earlier than normal due to their early rise) and now I am off to shower and to watch my next Netflix movie...not even sure what's here...hope it's a good one! :)

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