Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Such a Thoughtful Gift

Today was a pretty typical day, but something extra special happened today when Madison, Hudson and I got back from getting Madison after school.

When we arrived home there was a package at our doorstep! I had no idea what it was because the only things I am expecting shouldn't be here for at least a week. I looked at the return address label and there was no name. I became very curious! Well, when I opened it, the sweetest, most thoughtful gift was contained inside. There was a beautiful oval plate with the sweetest bible verse on it. It was from my dear friend Melissa. She wrote in the card that she'd seen it and it made her think of me and so she thought I needed to have it!

I can't explain it, but when you're husband is deployed, gestures like these mean even more!!! To know that Melissa saw this, thought of me and then took the time to get it and mail it to me (just because) it really touched my heart on a very deep level!  Here is the beautiful plate! I can't wait to use it and until then, it's on display in my kitchen!!

Thank you Melissa for making me feel extra special today and for always being a constant! You are a wonderful friend and I am truly blessed to have you in my life! :)

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