Saturday, November 24, 2012


This morning, after we had all gotten up and eaten breakfast (Here is the Link to what we had), my parents had to load up their car and head home!

It was a beautiful day outside, so after my parents left, we decided to go for a nice walk! We enjoyed the peace and quiet of the outdoors and the wonderful fresh air! We just did a small walk today (3.5 miles) and then headed home for lunch.

On our way back to our house, we stopped at the mailbox to check the mail and today was a WONDERFUL mail day! Madison had a special box in the mail from Auntie Emma, Uncle Jordan and Cousin Mason. Then, in addition to that fun mail, Madison and Hudson both received a fun package from Daddy.

The package from Auntie Emma and Uncle Jordan was just darling. They had built a bear on line and had it sent to Madison. It came with the cutest little cookbook and they had also picked out a Cinderella dress and crown for Madison's new bear! She absolutely loves it! The one thing she told me would make it better is if she was playing with it WITH Auntie Emma and Uncle Jordan and Cousin Mason! She really does love them so much!

Then, the second piece of mail that they opened was from daddy! There is a special program offered at the USO on most bases called United Through Reading. The idea behind this, is that the deployed service member can record themselves reading, a book they have picked out for their child, onto a DVD. Then this program mails the DVD and the book to the child. Well, while Alex was in Kuwait (in limbo while he was waiting for a flight to Afghanistan), he went to the USO and recorded a book for each of the kids. They had told him it would only take a couple of weeks to get here and so when a month went by and we still hadn't seen it, we just assumed it had been lost in the mail. Well, today, it finally arrived and the kids were soooo excited to not only get mail from daddy, but to be able to watch a DVD with daddy reading to them. It's so funny because Alex recorded himself reading a bunch of stories before he left, but something about getting this in the mail, made it extra special! 

This evening we finished putting up all of our Christmas Decorations. Well, almost...I like real Christmas Trees, so we have to wait a couple of weekends to get our tree, but other than that our decorations are up! Now the kids are asleep and I am watching Christmas Vacation, mine and Alex's tradition the weekend after Thanksgiving. I sure do miss having him here to watch it with me, but it makes me feel that much closer to him!

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