Friday, November 16, 2012

My Brave Little Girl

 Today was another first in the things I've experienced both as a mother and as a Marine Spouse whose husband is deployed.

 Today Madison had her surgery to have her adenoids removed. Her surgery took place at Rady's Children's Hospital in San Diego. We had a wonderful experience there! Rady's is an amazing hospital. From the second we stepped foot in the doors we were greeted with the friendliest of people and the most amazing staff.  Here is Madison's picture right after we finished registering her and we were waiting to be called back.

Once we were called back, they took her vitals and then had her get into her "pj's" as they referred to them (actually her scrubs). She had to wear special no slip socks too. Madison said that she thought they made her look like she had duck feet. haha! Here are some pictures while we were waiting in the pre-op room.

It was in this room where Madison's doctor, anesthesiologist, and nurse came in at all different times to talk to us and just run down what was going to be happening from all of their perspectives! They were all wonderful! At about 8:25 this morning, Madison was taken back for her surgery and I went to the waiting room to wait for my "pager" to go off to let me know the doctor was ready to see me. 

At about 9:05, the pager went off and I went back to meet with Madison's doctor. She told me that everything went well. She said that she was very glad that we chose to remove her adenoids at the time we did because when she actually got in there, they were much larger than she was able to see in the x-ray and that there was also a lot of puss back there too. She said that Madison did fine with the whole process of getting the mask on so they could sedate her, but that she was a tad bit teary-eyed. Once I was done talking with the doctor, I was asked to wait back in the waiting area. 

At about 9:40, my pager went off for the final time, to let me know that they were ready to take me back to see Madison. When they walked me back, Madison wasn't there just yet, but she arrived shortly. As Madison was coming around the corner, I could hear that she was crying (broke my heart) and calling for me. They said it's very typical for kids of this age to cry as they are coming out of anesthesia, especially if they were emotional before being put under. Once she saw me, she was very disoriented and didn't understand what was going on. She kept asking when the surgery was going to happen (must have asked me about 15 times if she'd already had her surgery). She wasn't feeling too great when I first saw her, but shortly after allowing herself to just lay in the bed, watch some Mickey and Friends, and just be still, she started to feel better. They then brought her a popsicle, which got a smile out of her. It was then, that she tried to start talking a lot, but her throat and tongue were still pretty swollen from being intubated, so it was pretty hard to understand what she was saying b/c it's like she was talking with a numb mouth and not everything was working together when she was trying to talk. 

Here is Madison's first picture as she arrived and was given her first popsicle.

This is Madison as she's finishing her third popsicle, starting to feel a little better. She was having trouble smiling because she was still so swollen and numb. 

Once Madison had had her three popsicles and a glass of apple juice with success (not getting sick), they began the discharge process. Madison was still feeling pretty lousy when they discharged us, but she had met all the requirements, so they allowed me to take her home. We were discharged about 11:00.

***Here's a funny (well kind of) side note: I was told by Madison's doctor that it would probably be close to a week before Madison could easily breathe out of her nose b/c of the swelling involved and whatnot. Well, here is a tid bit of news to help you understand just how large her adenoids were. While we were waiting to be discharged, Madison tried to breathe through her nose and she said, "Mom, I can finally breathe out of my nose. I haven't been able to do that in a long time." So, despite the swelling, apparently, it is no where near as bad as how big her adenoids were that were blocking her nose!***

Once we arrived home, I set up a bed on the couch for her, so that she could veg and watch movies all day. She never fell asleep (which actually surprised me), but she did lay down pretty much all day. She enjoyed a plethora of popsicles, ice cream, and frozen squeezie yogurts. 

Here is the first picture of her trying to eat a banana almost immediately when she got home because she was starving. It didn't go over so well. She ate about two bites and then set it down. We quickly switched pace and went back to the popsicles, which had a much better outcome. 

This picture was taken a couple of hours after we'd been home and she was just relaxing and watching movies.

This is a picture of Hudson trying desperately to see how Madison was doing. He couldn't stand it. He kept trying to climb up in her lap and just sit with her. It was so cute!

We were extremely blessed with more thoughtfulness from many different people. Brittney brought over the most amazing box of popsicles for Madison. The box contained fudgesicles, regular popsicles, and the popsicles that have the vanilla ice cream in the middle. Then we were also blessed with a visit from our dear friend Devan (who also happens to be our PCM). We love her so much! She came on her lunch break and brought Madison some Ben and Jerry's. We had a lovely conversation and really enjoyed our time with her! 

Later in the day, we received a fun delivery from the UPS truck! Alex sent Madison "Get Well" Flowers and the sweetest card. (He also sent me beautiful Thanksgiving Colored Roses and a beautiful card). 

Then, when the mail arrived, Madison had a sweet little package in the mail from my parents. They sent her a cute little bear (which had a little perfume bottle with it). She loves it! She hasn't put it down since receiving it!

Also, my sweet friend April, who watched Hudson for me (and arrived in the wee hours of the morning, in order for me to get Madison to the hospital in time), also made us dinner so that I wouldn't have to worry about that today! So very thoughtful and very much appreciate! Thank you!

Thank you to everyone for the all of the prayers, emails, texts, Facebook messages/comments and phone calls. Today really went rather smoothly and I am hopeful that Madison will be back to normal tomorrow. 

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