Friday, November 23, 2012

Don't Fall in the Lake!

Today is the last full day that my parents will be here, so we made the most of it.

This morning we had a yummy breakfast. We had our traditional country ham (yes there is a difference if you've never had it), big fluffy biscuits, scrambled eggs and sliced cheese so that we could make our own yummy southern breakfast sandwiches!

After breakfast we headed to the Post Office to mail Alex his next care package (babe, it's all homemade goodies)! Then we were off to Santee Lakes to feed the ducks! Hudson had a blast feeding ducks for the first time. He got the hang of it rather quickly and the ducks were rather friendly. They surrounded him as long as he had bread! Hudson then decided he wanted to throw the bread in the water to the ducks that were staying in the lake and that became rather nerve wracking. He is very quick and he would try to get close to the edge so that his bread would land in the water. Needless to say, I had a great workout while Hudson was feeding his ducks. Madison, on the other hand, is an old pro at feeding the ducks! She tears off little bitty pieces to make her bread last longer. She searches for the ducks that look the "hungriest" and she holds very still so that the ducks will come super close! :)
We had such a fun time, and this was the first time I'd taken my parents to the Santee Lakes!

After our duck excursion, we went for a little walk around the lakes and then we headed back to the car so that we could go to lunch. My parents hadn't been to the Corvette Diner yet, so we decided to go there! It was perfect timing. We got there right as it was opening and we were sat right away! The kids, as always, had so much fun. They shared the mini sliders and fries and Madison lucked out with a chocolate shake afterwards! In the collage below, this is both of the kids watching the waiters and waitresses doing their first song/dance of the morning and they had so much fun dancing to the music and clapping along!

Once we were home, the kids both went to quiet time. The power was out when we got home, so we played some wild rounds of UNO! I love UNO!!! I always have! Within an hour, the power came back on and I was able to open up the garage and work on getting our Christmas lights up! I have always helped Alex by holding the strands of lights for him, while he put them up. So, this was my first time ever putting Christmas lights up. My parents helped hold the strands so that I didn't drop them on the ground and break any of the bulbs. So, I now feel empowered! I put the Christmas lights up! I missed having Alex there for our first lighting with the kids this evening, but he was there with us in spirit.

When the lights were finished being put up, we threw on White Christmas! Madison joined us for the last third of the movie or so. Once it was over, my dad and Madison played some serious rounds of WAR. I am not sure who won, but they had a blast! Madison loves that card game! While they were playing cards, I started busting out our indoor Christmas decorations! :) I LOVE this time of year! Could you tell?!?

Then, of course, today is Friday, so naturally it was homemade pizza and movie night. We watch Secret of the Wings because my parents hadn't seen it and Madison wanted to share it with them. Tonight we made two pizzas: one cheese and one all veggies.

We had a lovely evening and we hope you did too!!

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